About Us

Valt is a joint venture between Vitol and Sargeant Marine. It builds on the strengths of both partners; Vitol’s global asphalt footprint includes production and distribution systems. Valt’s global trading operations distribute asphalt to customers worldwide and benefits from access to the global network of terminals and refineries operated by Vitol.

We operate one of the world’s largest asphalt fleets.

Sargeant Marine’s global trading operations distribute asphalt to customers worldwide and includes a strategically positioned terminal in Constanza, Romania.

Valt trades circa 1.3 million metric tons of asphalt per annum, with hubs in Boca Raton – Florida, Geneva, London and Singapore, and operates a fleet of eleven specialised vessels – one of the world’s largest asphalt fleets. We provide specialist logistical solutions to deliver asphalt to our customers around the globe, many of them remote from refineries. We load and unload asphalt between vessel, ISO container, truck or drum.

We recognise moving products around the world needs to be carried out in a responsible, safe manner with respect for the environment. Valt operates to the highest international HSE safety standards. We are committed to providing a high quality, reliable and dependable service, acting with consideration and respect to all those we are in partnership with and to the environment.