European Distribution

The ATPC refinery in Antwerp is one of the largest dedicated, multi-product bitumen refineries in Europe. It has a processing capacity of 3,300 metric tons per day and has been producing paving, roofing and industrial bitumen for many years. It is ideally located in the middle of the North West Europe market and able to export products by truck, barge, or in ships up to 40,000 metric tons.

Our truck customers benefit from very large onsite storage together with a highly automated 8-lane rack with 24/7 loading capabilities, ensuring constant product availability, high throughput and minimal wait time.

We have a team of specialists in the ARA area experienced in the logistical complexities of asphalt who are available to work with our regional customers to deliver the optimal solution, handling the supply and transportation of parcel sizes ranging from 20 metric tons up to 37,000 metric tons.

Our Romania rack serves customers in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia. Its seaborne import capability ensures low import costs while its rail and truck loading facilities provide mode flexibility.

The VALT Asphalt Terminal in Rotterdam is a large capacity bitumen storage and handling facility situated in the Port of Rotterdam benefiting from easy access to seaborne product, the Dutch and German hinterland river system, as well as to main transport routes for regional truck exports. With a storage capacity of 30,000 metric tons and a quay capable of handling the largest bitumen ships, the terminal is ideal for building or breaking bulk. It also benefits from a four-bay gantry truck loading rack providing a convenient supply point for BeneLux / Western-Germany, Northern France as well as the UK market.